みなさん、こんにちは! 私はいま、アイダホ州にあるボイシという寒さの厳しい街に来ています。この街に滞在して6日が過ぎますが、いま私は通販サイト「Amazon.co.jp」でベストセラーになった、リン・ハーディー著のファンタジー小説「Prophecy of the Flame」のオーディオブックを製作しているんです。本作は、ひょんなことで現実の世界から魔法の世界へと飛ばされた5人の見知らぬ人々が、不思議な力を与えられて「Cuthburan王国」を守るため旅に出る、というストーリーです。ちょうど、シリーズの一作目の収録を終えたところです。

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『トイ・ストーリー3』 - Mr.Potato Head(R) (C)Hasbro, Inc., Slinky(R) Dog (C)James Ind., Etch A  Sketch(R) (C)The Ohio Art Company, Toy Story (C)Disney/Pixar
  • 『トイ・ストーリー3』 - Mr.Potato Head(R) (C)Hasbro, Inc., Slinky(R) Dog (C)James Ind., Etch A  Sketch(R) (C)The Ohio Art Company, Toy Story (C)Disney/Pixar
みなさん、こんにちは! 私はいま、アイダホ州にあるボイシという寒さの厳しい街に来ています。この街に滞在して6日が過ぎますが、いま私は通販サイト「Amazon.co.jp」でベストセラーになった、リン・ハーディー著のファンタジー小説「Prophecy of the Flame」のオーディオブックを製作しているんです。本作は、ひょんなことで現実の世界から魔法の世界へと飛ばされた5人の見知らぬ人々が、不思議な力を与えられて「Cuthburan王国」を守るため旅に出る、というストーリーです。ちょうど、シリーズの一作目の収録を終えたところです。

スタジオでの収録の合間に、ゴールデン・グローブ賞の中継も見逃しませんでした。今年の賞レース最初の大きなイベントで、展開された人間ドラマはとてもおもしろいものでした。毎年、ゴールデン・グローブ賞はハリウッドの由緒あるホテル、ビバリー・ヒルトンホテルで行われます。みなさんは、ゴールデン・グローブ賞は俳優たちがテーブルに着席して会食をする唯一の表彰式だと知っていますか? そのため、酔っ払ったセレブに出くわすこともあり、表彰式をさらに盛り上げるなんてことも! 幸い(みなさんにとっては残念かもしれませんが)、表彰式でのお酒絡みのトラブルはほとんどなかったようです。しかし、中には表彰式の司会者に“トラブル”を感じていた人も…。司会を務めたのは、全英・全米で大ヒットしたTVドラマシリーズ「The Office」のクリエイター、リッキー・ジャーヴェイス。例えば受賞プレゼンター、ブルース・ウィリスを“(元妻デミ・ムーアの現在の夫)アシュトン・カッチャーの父親”と紹介するなど、少し“行き過ぎた”冗談と感じた人もいるよう。それでも、視聴率では昨年と同じぐらいの高い数字が出たようで、局の重役は最終的な結果に満足していることでしょう。



そして、注目作『ソーシャル・ネットワーク』が作品賞、脚本賞、監督賞、作曲賞、の4冠に輝き、オスカー受賞に向けて一歩リード、『トイ・ストーリー3』がアニメーション映画作品賞を受賞しました。うわさではピクサーは『トイ・ストーリー3』の作品賞にノミネートされるよう、かなりアピールしているそうですよ。簡単ではないと思いますが、もしこのアニメーション傑作が作品賞を受賞したら素晴らしいと思いませんか? 気になるノミネートは1月25日(現地時間)に発表されるので、引き続き追っていきますね!


Hello everyone!! I am writing you this article from freezing Boise, Idaho here in the United States.
I am here for six days, doing an audiobook project for an Amazon.co.jp Best-selling book, "Prophecy of the Flame", written by well-known writer Lynn Hardy (www.lynnhardy.com). It is quite the fascinating story about 5 strangers who get pulled out of their world and put into a world of sorcery. They go on a journey in which they are given supernatural powers in order to save the kingdom of Cuthburan. And we just finished doing the recording for Book 1 of the series.

During our breaks from recording in the studio, I got to watch the Golden Globes live on television. And it was been quite interesting to watch as the drama unfolds in the first big awards ceremony of the season. Every year the Golden Globes takes place in one of the "old hollywood" hotels, at the Beverly Hilton. And, for those of you that DON"T know...the Golden Globes is the only awards ceremony where the actors are sitting down to dinner and drinks....SO sometimes, needless to say, you run into a celebrity who has had one too many drinks...making this awards ceremony all that much more exciting! Well, fortunately (or maybe for viewers, unfortunately) there was not much "alcohol-generated drama. However, there were quite a few people that were...shall we say..."unhappy" with the host of the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais (also the creator of the big UK/US hit tv series "The Office"). Some people found his jokes "a little too much"...such as when he introduced award presenter Bruce Willis as "dad of Ashton Kutcher" (the current husband of his ex-wife, Demi Moore).However, according to ratings, the show got as many viewers as last year, so I am sure the network executives were happy with the final outcome.

As for the red carpet, the main trend in dresses this year seemed to be COLOR...which is quite refreshing....especially PINK and GREEN. I think my favorite dress/outfit, however, was worn by actress Olivia Wilde (from "Tron" and tv series "House, M.D.". She showed up in a beautiful black and gold "bling bling" long flowing dress with wonderful gold spikey high heels.

Now onto the awards... Christian Bale walked away with the Golden Globe for "Best Supporting Actor" for his role in the Mark Wahlberg film "The Fighter", and "Best Supporting Actress" was taken by his colleague from "The Fighter", relatively unknown actress Melissa Leo. I have a very strong feeling that these two may be walking away with Oscars come FEb. 27th. Two other sure bets for an Academy Award nominations Colin Firth and Natalie Portman, both walked away with "Best Actor in a Drama" and "Best Actress in a Drama" respectively. In fact, I really don't see anyone beating those two at the Academy AWards, because they are most definitely on a ROLL! Annette Bening won the "Best Actress Golden Globe- Musical or Comedy" for her role in the indie film "The Kids Are All Right". (If there is ANYONE that will take the "Best Actress" Oscar from Natalie Portman, then it will be Annette Bening)"The Kids Are All Right" also won the "Best Picture-Musical or Comedy".

Another crowd favorite "The Social Network" won "Best Screenplay", "Best Director", "Best Original Score", and"Best Picture-Drama"...making it another strong favorite for Oscar night.
Toy Story 3 was the winner of "Best Animated Film". Rumors have it that Pixar is campaigning VERY HARD to make sure that "Toy Story 3" is in the list for "Best Picture" at this year's Academy Awards. Now this RARELY happens, but wouldn't it be nice to see such a well-done and family friendly ANIMATED film win the biggest award in the film industry?
I will be at the Academy Awards nomination event on Jan.25th, so I will make sure to report on that as well.




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